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Free At-Home
COVID-19 Tests

Covered by Your Insurance

Per the Biden administration policy, insurers are now required to cover at-home COVID testing kits every month with no out-of-pocket fees to you, even if you have a deductible.

How does this work?

Just click the "Get Free Tests" button above and fill out the form accordingly. Our team will then work on processing your order for you and call you once it is ready for pick up or delivery.

Most plans limit you to 8 tests per family member per month. For example, a family of four all on the same plan would be able to receive 32 tests covered by their health plan per month. 

Please keep in mind that most plans cover them at point of sale at the pharmacy however there are a very few plans that require submission of a receipt to your plan for reimbursement. Our team will check your benefits and ensure that the tets will be covered at no cost to you at point of sale prior to fullfillng you order. In the rare event that your plan requires you to receive these tests in another method, we will communicate this to you!

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